Zoe Hope® Proudly supports the stillbirth foundation

With every Zoe Hope® purchase, 10% of profits is donated to the Stillbirth Foundation Australia. Together we can prevent stillborn babies and reduce stillbirth rates in Australia

Blog posts

My Rainbow Baby: Jessica’s Story

Our rainbow baby is April Cadence. April was born on March 8, 2019 - just three months shy of the three year annivers...

My Rainbow Baby: Erryn's Story

I had a very ’normal’ pregnancy with no complications. Our angel baby is Gemma Violet Tharme. I was 37 weeks and 2 da...

My Rainbow Baby: Debbie’s Story

My angel baby is Zoe Hope. Four days away from induction, at 41 weeks, I found out that my world would be flipped ups...

Financial preparation for starting a family

The arrival of a new born baby is such an exciting time which requires a lot of preparation: mentally, emotionally an...

The Importance of Side Sleeping from 28 Weeks

Getting a restful night's sleep is critical for a healthy pregnancy as it aids your baby’s growth and supports the am...

Nutrition in the Second Trimester

The second trimester, which includes weeks 13 up to the end of week 27, is sometimes said be the easiest part of a woman’s pregnancy. The nausea and food aversions often settle down, and your energy can feel like it’s coming back.
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